One-on-One Mentoring (Long-term Mentoring)

  • Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth.  Pathway Partners Mentoring Program matches students with adult mentors in the community who share similar interests and career paths.  The adults meet with the students for one hour, once a month during the academic school year. The list of activities Matches are able to do together is endless really, but some suggestions would include volunteering together, visiting the mentor's workplace or going out for lunch, dinner or coffee.

  • Mrs. Fredrick and Courtney

    Courtney Brooks and Mrs. Fredrick have been matched for all four years of Courtney’s high school experience.  This was an excellent match because of Courtney’s career interest in Automotive Technician and Mrs. Fredrick’s role in the school district as the Career and Technical Education Coordinator.  Their favorite activity has been enjoying meals together and talking about Courtney’s academic and career goals.  Participating in the Pathway Partners Mentoring Program has been of great benefit to Courtney and Mrs. Fredrick!  Courtney has gained confidence in talking with adults and appreciated exploring career options and participating in job shadowing experiences with Mrs. Fredrick.  As a senior, Courtney was also awarded the Pathway Partners Mentoring Program scholarship!  As a mentor, Mrs. Fredrick appreciated getting to know Courtney and helping a young adult on their path to college and career success.  Both Courtney and Mrs. Fredrick encourage students and adults to get involved in the Pathway Partners Mentoring Program by contacting Mrs. Sternweis.


  • If you have an interest in making a difference in a young person's life, mentoring is a wonderful way to positively influence a young person's life.  Complete the applications below to get started making a one-hour a month, school year commitment with a student.

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  • Pathway Partners Mentoring Program is free and open to all students. Students can refer themselves or be referred by a teacher, parent, or school counselor. Complete the student application to get started.

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