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To Do's

  • Check out the Mentee and Parent/Guardian Handbook to get started in the long-term one-on-one mentoring program

    Check out the 16 Career Clusters below to get started in the short-term mentoring job shadowing or informational interview programs.

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  • Architecture & Construction Career Cluster
    Wednesday, May 1
    Melissa MacTaggert & Chet Klave from Masonite

    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Cluster
    Wednesday, May 8
    Alli Kalsow from Roehl Transport

Guest Speakers at MHS

  • Health Sciences Career Cluster
    Wednesday, April 24
    Dana Buttke from MCHS - Radiology Dept.

  • Business, Management and Administration Career Cluster
    Tuesday, April 30
    Casey Schifelbine from Hub Life Church

16 Career Clusters