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Important Dates & Upcoming Events

  • September 1 - First Day of School

  • Registration 2021-2022

    Schedule Pick-up/Registration—August 16, 17 & 18

    Monday - August 16, 7:30am—6:00pm
    7th grade students 

    Tuesday - August 17, 7:00am—2:00pm
    8th grade students 

    Wednesday - August 18, 7:00am—2:00pm
    th and 8th grade students

               >>> $35.00—Materials Use Fee

    • Materials User Fee is due at schedule pick-up time.
    • Checks for the amount of $35.00 made out to USDOM (Unified School District of Marshfield) or pay online through Skyward before you come in.
    • If you pay online, please bring in your receipt or have it on your phone to expedite the process.

    New to the District—Students who have never been enrolled in the Unified School District of Marshfield will be assessed a registration fee which is an additional $20.00

    All other fees are paid separately. For example, athletics, lunch, etc.  Lunch may also be paid online.


  • Making the Move 2021-2022

    Making the Move will be on August 19th or 20th with sessions from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

    Please check your student’s Skyward Family Access account for the date and time your student is registered. On your scheduled day, please enter the Middle School at Door #2 which is located off Palmetto Avenue. Staff will be in the lobby to meet and direct you. Only students will be given the guided tour.  

  • Meet & Greet 2021-2022

    Meet & Greet –August 25, 5:30pm—7:30pm

    On Wednesday, August 25th, we will host our annual Meet & Greet from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. This is an opportunity for all parents and students to meet their teachers before the beginning of the school year.  Schedules will be available for each student in main office. Classes will be 10 minutes long with 4 minutes of passing time. 

  • Picture Information 2021-2022

    Picture information and order form CLICK HERE

  • Yearbook Information 2021-2022

    Yearbook information and order form CLICK HERE 

Principal's Welcome



    MAPLE is a new, learner-centered, parent choice program offered to 7th and 8th grade students.  MAPLE courses follow the regular, advanced, and support levels like our traditional core courses (Math, English, Social Studies, Science).  The instructional model is designed to meet each learner where they are and continue to help them progress.  Four core teachers work together with the MAPLE students using an interdisciplinary model of instruction.  For more detailed information about MAPLE, please see the brochure attached to this webpage.


    MAPLE Brochures

  • PBIS


    PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. PBIS is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture that is needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success.  
    Our core values are: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty.

    • Teaching positive and acceptable behaviors 
    • Being proactive rather than reactive 
    • Using data to track behaviors and meet goals 
    • Creating consistent expectations and language throughout the school 
    • Reinforcing expectations through PBIS, students take ownership of making the Marshfield Middle School a wonderful place of learning

    pbis bus

    PBIS Incentives

    • Top Cat - Teacher nominated weekly, 1 student from each team that demonstrates the middle school core values
    • Caught In the Act - Weekly recognition for those students “caught” performing a positive act during the school day
    • Postcards – Special recognition by our staff of those students who went “above and beyond” in helping Marshfield Middle School become a great place to learn
    • Quarterly Rewards –Each quarter those students who work towards following our PBIS core values are invited to participate in a special reward.  Some examples include:  guest speakers, color run, movie day, and the Homecoming Hustle 
    • Perfect Attendance - Yearly Recognition for those students who did not miss one entire day of school 


     Check-in, Check-out Program (CICO)

    • CICO is a PBIS Tier 2 intervention program for students who may need more positive adult attention and structured feedback to be successful in school. It is very important that this is a positive experience for the student to help encourage them to make good choices.
    • Goals of CICO – 1) Improve student engagement, 2) Reduce office referrals, 3) Improve academic success
    • Student Cohorts – Each quarter a new cohort of students is selected to participate in CICO.  Please note that students can opt-out of the program.
    • Student Requirements 
      • Pick up Tally Sheet every morning in the lobby.
      • Have each teacher fill out and initial tally sheet (each hour every day)
      • At the end of the day drop off tally sheet in the Main Office and pick up a piece of candy.
      • Each student who turns in their sheet every day of the week will receive some special recognition from a school administrator or PBIS Team member.
    • Staff Involvement –
      • Greet the student warmly when they give you their CICO rating sheet.
      • Sometime during the class period circle the rating scores, initial the sheet and give back to the student. Give a positive compliment or statement to the student when returning the slip.
      • At the end of the day, each CICO student will turn in their slips to the office and receive a piece of candy as incentive to turn in their slips.
    • Data Collection – Tally sheets for each student will be tracked on a digital log.  At the end of the quarter we will compare student data (discipline referrals, grades, attendance) from quarters 1 & 2 with quarter 3 to see if there was improvement.


    PBIS Movie


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