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  • The Student Services Department includes the areas of special education and pupil services.  Our Student Services Department is dedicated to providing preventative education as well as working with students, families and community stakeholders to ensure that our students' current needs are being met. 

    Student services covers a wide variety of topics some of which include: child find/screening, home-bound services, homeless, special education, anti-discrimination law and 504 plans, complaint reporting and investigation, school psychological and guidance services, school social work, bullying and AODA prevention, resources and data collection. 


MCLA Positive Messaging Mural

  • Members of Marshfield Columbus Leadership Alliance (MCLA) at Marshfield High School are nearly finished with a special project that has been years in the making. MCLA members helped to design and paint a Positive Messaging Mural that most of the student body walks past each day as they enter the building. Contributors are pictured in a “gallery” photo, with chairs reserved for our absent artists.

Project SEARCH Capitol Visit

  • The Project SEARCH Marshfield group joined the other Central Wisconsin Project SEARCH groups from Stevens Point, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids for a trip to the Wisconsin State Capitol. Together they had made various ornaments for the 30-foot Balsam fir on display inside the Capitol. The students from Marshfield hand-painted golf balls as trees, penguins, reindeer, snowman, among many other unique designs. The tree, which came from Medford, Wisconsin, displayed ornaments from students throughout the state. 


  • Project Search students and staff participated in the Feed My Starving Children campaign which provides food to undernourished children worldwide. Volunteers participated at stations where they put together rice meal packets that were packaged and will be distributed to children in need. In addition to learning the valuable life-skills of teamwork and helping others, students had fun during the process as they listened to music and cheered each time a box was assembled. The team ended up with 44 boxes which contain 36 bags each, for a total of 9,504 meals!


  • After learning the benefits of practicing mindfulness with students, teachers at Lincoln Elementary –and throughout the District – have started daily mindfulness in their classrooms.  Research indicates mindfulness has many benefits for students: improving working memory, attention, academic skills, social skills and emotional regulation.  After attending the Marshfield Clinic Behavioral Health conference, JoAnn Roehl, School Counselor at Lincoln Elementary, learned practicing mindfulness five minutes daily is all it takes for some students to reap these highly sought after results.   “It’s like water eroding the shoreline; when this happens daily, you really do see a difference in the rock over time,” stated Ms. Roehl. “Teachers know their students well, so they choose a time when their students need to settle their minds and bodies in order to re-focus on learning.”  Often this takes place after physical education or recess.  Tools being used are Mind Yeti, Smiling Mind and some active mindfulness for our younger students like Go Noodle and Brain Gym.  Yoga, breathing, and guided muscle relaxation are just a few offerings of some of the active mindfulness behaviors that help students be present in the moment so they can be more focused on their learning.  One student said, ““How are we going to have my brain grow today?”

Student Services Staff Recognized

  •  On May 19, 2017 four staff members from the School District of Marshfield were honored at an awards banquet in Wisconsin Dells, WI for their outstanding service to the District, students and families. Madalyn Field, Middle School Special Education Teacher; Kim Kolstad, Middle School Counselor;  Rae Fadrowski, Special Education Teacher at Grant Elementary; and Lynette Wojt, Special Education Assistant at Grant Elementary were nominated by their Administrators and attended the ceremony hosted by the Wisconsin Council of Administers of Special Services (WCASS). Congratulations and thank you to all of the special education and student services staff for their dedication to Marshfield’s students and families.

Safety After High School

  • Safety After High School: Sexual Assault
    “Growing up in the Marshfield area, young people are not exposed to many of the personal safety threats that exist in other communities. As our Seniors look toward graduation and prepare for the next chapter in their lives, it is vitally important that they are equipped to recognize potentially dangerous situations and have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves, or a friend, safe.” – Renee Schulz-Stangl, Executive Director, Personal Development Center

    This statement was the driving force behind the Safety After High School program. Statistics say that 1 out of every 5 women and 1 out of every 71 men will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. On Friday, April 1, seniors at Marshfield High School participated in the half-day program, Safety After High School.

    Program Review
    Male and female students were separated for the duration of the safety program due to the sensitivity of the issue and placed into small groups. The first section of the program was designed to give students information about sexual assault by discussing the following:
    • Definition and statistics of sexual assault
    • How to report a sexual assault and what happens when you do
    • Sexual assault on campus, in the workplace, and in the military
    • Role of alcohol and other substances in sexual assault
    • Identifying risks of sexual assault
    • Reviewing personal rights

    This was followed by activities designed to provide students with tools and strategies to use in real-life situations. Scenarios were also used to discuss how to support someone in a dangerous situation as a bystander. Classroom discussions were facilitated by officers from the Marshfield Police Department and staff from the Personal Development Center and Marshfield School District. Some students were privy to the expertise of a Sex Offender Registration Specialist from the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections who facilitated discussions in one of the classrooms.

    Students then practiced self-defense in the fieldhouse with the assistance of instructors from Ki Nagare Dojo.

    Student Reactions
    According to feedback on student surveys, the self-defense portion of the program was a huge hit! Other content students found helpful was learning to be assertive, creating a safety plan, and discussing real life scenarios.

    Remarkable Collaboration
    This program could not have been accomplished without the remarkable collaboration between The Personal Development Center, Marshfield Police Department, Ki Nagare Dojo, and Marshfield School District. There are high hopes that a program like this will become a regular occurrence for our students.

    Sponsor Shout Out: Ki Nagare Dojo, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield High School Staff, Marshfield High School Student Council, Marshfield Police Department, Personal Development Center and Scotty’s Pizza and Chicken.