• Board Approved Curriculum

    Here you will find links to the District Curriculum Review Cycle and Guide. There are different learning targets broken down by grade level for your review. We encourage you to read through these documents for a deeper knowledge of what is being taught in the classroom.

    What is Curriculum?

    Curriculum is what teachers teach and instruction is how they do it.  Curriculum defines a set of learning targets with guided resources and topics to be discussed on a given subject matter. Curriculum is reviewed within a curriculum review cycle.  A new “Curriculum Review Guide” was developed in the 2014-2015 school year which places all curriculum programs in one of four phases at all times.  During the curriculum review process, curriculum teams made up of teachers and administrators create learning targets and a pacing guide, which are aligned to state standards.  A classroom curriculum designed for each academic program allows for consistency among grade level teams and continuity across K-12 in the social studies curriculum. 

    What is Instruction?

    Instruction is how each teacher chooses to implement and teach the students the approved curriculum. Teachers have different teaching styles just as students have different learning styles. Therefore, it is up to each individual teacher to find out the best method for each student to learn in his or her classroom.