Summer School Current Information


     Attendance and Summer School Questions: Contact Mr. Hein at 715-387-8464 ext. 4610

  • Summer School Course Offerings

    Tentative Course Offerings for the 2022 Summer School Program
    (Students Register via “Arena Scheduling” on Skyward)

    • Computer Applications (H)- (Period 1)
    • Consumer & Personal Finance (Online)  
    • Crime, Justice, Law (Online)
    • Fit for Life (Period 1 and 2)
    • Healthy Choices (Period 1 and 2)
    • Individual/Dual Sports (Period 1 and 2)
    • Tailor Made Math for Grades (Period 1 and 2)
    • Tigers on the Prowl- Life Skills (non-credited course) (Period 1)
    • Tigers on the Prowl- Social Skills (non-credited course) (Period 2)
    • Vex Robotics for Competition (non-credited course) (Period 1)

    Additional Educational Experiences for the 2022 Summer School Program
    (Online Registration (form) will be sent via Canvas/Skyward Messenger)

    • Driver's Education (Period 1 and 2)
    • Band
    • Orchestra
    • FFA 
    • Strength and Conditioning  (registration will be late spring)

    Summer School Course Descriptions

  • 2022 Timeline and General Overview

    Monday, June 13th, 2022 thru Friday, July 22nd, 2022

    • Period 1: 7:30am-9:45am
    • Period 2: 9:50am-12:05pm
    • Summer school is an optional opportunity for any student, grades 9-12 enrolled in the School District of Marshfield. 
    • For blended/online courses: Students will need reliable internet to participate in the online courses.  

    . Materials:

    • The majority of classes will only require the use of an iPad or computer for the online component. 
    • Students will receive (or keep) their school-issued iPad to use during the summer school months.  

  • Attendance Policy

    Students enrolled in summer school classes are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes.

    1. Teachers should be notified in writing by the parent (s) or guardian of the reason for any absence.
    2. Students are expected to make up any classroom work/assignments.
    3. Students enrolled in classes will not be granted high school credit if more than five absences are recorded regardless of the reason!

    Note:  Five recorded tardies equal one entire absence.  Any tardy in excess of 15 minutes will also be counted as one absence towards the (5) day maximum.

    To obtain the ½ credit, each course will fulfill the DPI requirement of 4,050 minutes of instruction and learning opportunities.  

    Although the required minutes of “seat time” may take a different form this year because of potential of blended instructional delivery (in-person and online), students/families should still plan for an average of 135 minutes of learning opportunities per day, for each ½ credit course.  

    If you are unable to attend summer school after you have registered, please notify Mr. Hein in the main office (715-387-8464 ext 4204) before summer school begins.

  • Driver's Education

    Driver Education class during summer school has its own registration process due to the age requirement. 

    • The dates for classroom instruction will be Monday, June 13 - Friday, July 22. 
    • The lab portion of this course will include 10 hours of simulation, 6 hours of in-car observation and 6 lessons of behind-the-wheel instruction. The exact dates and times will be assigned in class. 
    • The oldest 28 students will be selected for summer school Driver's Ed.  All others will be added to a waitlist by birthdate.  
    • Online registration is made available to students via the Canvas class pages (under announcements titled “Summer School Drivers Education”.  
    • The deadline for registration was Monday, February 14.  

    Students selected for summer Driver Education will be notified and registered into the course on Skyward, prior to February 22nd.  

  • Report Cards and Grades

    • Normal grading procedures will apply. Students will be graded on an A/B/C/D/F/I scale.
    • For credited courses, grades will impact a student’s G.P.A.
    • Grades will be entered on Skyward so students and families can monitor student progress throughout the duration of summer school. 

    Summer school classes do not count toward credit minimums for the academic year at Marshfield High School. There is no summer honor roll.

    Report Cards:

    Report cards will be mailed to all summer school students as soon as possible after summer school has been completed. Summer school grades will be immediately updated to one’s cumulative GPA. However, class rank will not be reflected on one’s transcript until the next rank is run in late August.

  • Registration Instructions

    1. Registration begins at 4:00pm (Instruction video is shown below.):
      • February 22nd for Class of 2023 (current Juniors)
      • February 23rd for Class of 2024 (current Sophomores)
      • February 24th for Class of 2025 (current Freshmen)
      • February 25th for Class of 2026 (current 8th Graders)
    2. Log in to your Skyward Student Access Login & password are listed on your current schedule. If you don’t remember your login information, stop in the office to get the information. Private school, homeschoolers, and open-enrollment students entering the district for the first time this year will need to complete the "New Student Online Enrollment" process thru the high school website before registering for summer school. 
    3. On the left side under the Arena Scheduling tab, click 2022-23.
    4. It displays all courses available. To see what’s available for a specific period, click the down arrow under Period and click Apply Filter. It will then only show you classes for that period. NOTE: If a class is full, the *Indicator column will have an F in it and you won’t be able to add the class. Some Phy. Ed. courses have 2 sections of the same class meeting each period, so if you are trying to sign up for the same class as another student, be sure you both sign up for the same class and section number. Be sure to only sign up for classes in your next year's grade level.
    5. When you are ready to choose your class(es) you can do it from here or change back to select search by period and change to period 1 and click search. You will now see all of the classes offered in period 1. Click Add next to the course you want and under the fit column, it will now be listed as ENR. If you chose the wrong class, click remove in the options column and choose again. Now use the dropbox and change to period 2 and click search and choose your second class if you want. You may only choose 2 classes for summer school. The summer school maximum is 1 credit.
    6. Now click the blue Submit Classes tab. You can print the courses you requested. To finish summer school course enrollment, you MUST click the Submit Schedule.  Once this is done, you will no longer be able to change your course requests unless you come to the office.
    7. You should now be able to see your summer school schedule on the "Schedule" tab.

    Upon successful completion of your registration, you will be officially enrolled in the course and session you requested along with the classroom number.  To confirm successful registration, check the “Future Schedule” tab within your Student Access Account.

  • Registration for Summer School Tutorial