Advanced Placement Overview

  • Marshfield High School offers 30 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    Please see the course catalog for more information.  The course catalog is found on the High School website.

    Why enroll in an AP Course?  

    • College Completion
      • AP students are more likely to complete their degree promptly and not have a 5th year of college.
    • Admissions Benefit
      • 85% of selective colleges and universities have reported that a student's AP experience favorable impacts admission decisions.
    • College Savings
      • In 2020, students across the United States earned 2,932,042 AP scores of 3 or higher, translating into potential cost savings of $3.1 billion.
    • College GPA
      • Students who take five college level courses have the best first year college GPA.

    Full research report can be viewed here.


  • AP Exam Registration Information

    2022 AP Exam Registration Information

    AP Exam Registration is a three step process.

    Step 1:  Student must have an online account with College Board.  Once the student has an online account, student will log in to his/her myap website, join each AP class.  Each MHS AP Class Teacher will share the class join code in September.  Parents should verify with AP student that he/she has joined AP Classroom.

    • How to join an AP Class instructions
    • If you try to log in into your CollegeBoard account and are locked out because of trying to log in too many times, the student must call the CollegeBoard at 1-888-225-5427 and then press 1.

    Step 2:  Complete the MHS online AP exam registration formAny year long, self-study or first semester only (AP Microeconomics) AP exam ordered after October 22, 2021, will have a $40 late fee added.

    Step 3:  Pay AP exam fees online at This year we recommend paying AP exam fee(s) by credit card or debit card, no processing fees will be charged.  If you are not able to pay with a credit or debit card, cash or check payments will be accepted in the high school office.  Please contact Ms. Tollers in the high school office with any AP exam fee question. Any year long, self-study or first semester only (AP Microeconomics) AP exam with a remaining balance after October 22, 2021, may be cancelled and the student will not be able to take the AP exam in May 2022.  Again, students must register and pay for all year long, self-study or first semester only (AP Microeconomics) AP exams by October 22, 2021. Any year long, self-study or first semester only (AP Microeconomics) AP exam ordered after October 22, 2021, will have a $40 late fee added.  Step by Step Payment Process can be found here.

    Exam fee is $96 per exam.

    If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, tests are free. Please know you have to apply for this lunch program each school year.  If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch and you order an exam late or cancel an exam, there is a $40 per exam charge

    If you have extenuating financial circumstances that may prevent you from taking AP Tests and are not eligible for free or reduced lunch, you may apply for a Blanchard Scholarship.  Blanchard AP applications are available here or you may stop in the counseling office. Completed applications are due to Mrs. Burkhart in the counselors’ office by October 8, 2021. 

    Second semester AP classes (Psychology, Comparative Government and Macroeconomics) will be able to order exams from February-until March 4, 2022. 

    How do I know if I have an AP exam ordered?

    To verify you have an AP exam ordered, log into the student's myap account.  On the home screen you must see the AP Class Title, to the right of the AP Class assignments information you will see Exam Day.  If under Exam Day it shows the exam date followed by "Registered for exam" then you have that AP exam ordered.  If you don't see the wording "registered for exam" then no AP exam is ordered.


    How do I cancel an ordered AP Exam?

    A parent will need to email Mrs. Guldan, the AP Coordinator, at  In the email include the student's first and last name and the AP exam name(s) the parent approves to drop.



  • AP Exam Schedule Information

    2022 AP exams will occur the weeks of May 2 and May 9, with late testing scheduled for May 17–20. The

    2022 AP Exam schedule is available by clicking here.

  • AP Exam Scores

    AP scores are no longer automatically mailed to students. Students need to create a College Board account at  You will need to know your AP number or high school ID number to access your scores.  If you already have a College Board account, you can sign in at this website as well. Marshfield HS students are encouraged to create an account by the end of April. An AP score report should include all the scores a student has taken during their high school career. If any scores are not on the report, there is a problem with the student’s account and the student will need to contact the College Board at (888) 225-5427 to inform them that scores are missing. Students will be asked to provide their AP number.  If you don't know your AP number you may be able to access your scores by using your Marshfield High School ID number.  It is very important that you send an official score report to the college where you plan to attend so that the college can evaluate for credit transferability. Also, UW Help has a resource that allows you to review the AP credit granting policy of every college in the UW System.

    Want to know what date you can see your AP scores or how AP exams are scored?  Click here for more information from College Board.

  • Exam Results

    2020 Results are Here!

    MHS Students completed 947 exams

    77% of all exams taken scored a 3 or higher!

  • What are my AP credits worth?

    Transfer of AP Credits

    The following websites will allow you to view any university and/or college transferability of AP Exam scores:

  • AP Excellence in Instruction

    The AP Leadership Team selects two AP Teachers to recognize for their extraordinary efforts. Recognized teachers are below.

    Mrs. Peters and Mr. Glodowski 2020 AP Excellence in Instruction Award recipients! 

    Ms. Fassler and Mr. Treankler 2019 AP Excellence in Instruction Award recipients! 

    Mrs. Dargenio and Mr. Reierson 2018 AP Excellence in Instruction Award recipients!

  • AP Scholars Award Ceremony

    This year's AP Scholars Award Ceremony will NOT be held at the High School.  This year's ceremony was a live online event using Microsoft Teams.  The ceremony was recorded and will be posted here at a later date.  

    AP Scholars Ceremony Recording of Live Event 

    AP Scholars Ceremony Program

    AP Scholars Ceremony Script

    Awards will be available for pick up in the Marshfield High School Office from January 7-January 29, 2021 between 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.  You will need to state your full name and the award level you are picking up.   

  • AP Courses Offered

    • AP Art 2-D
    • AP Art 3-D
    • AP Drawing
    • AP Art History
    • AP Computer Science A
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Human Geography/Globalization
    • AP English Language & Composition
    • AP English Literature & Composition
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Music Theory
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Biology
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP Physics 2
    • AP Physics C:  Electricity & Magnetism
    • AP Physics C:  Mechanics
    • AP History of American Government & Politics
    • AP US History
    • AP European History
    • AP World History
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Comparative Government
    • AP Economics
    • AP French Language & Composition
    • AP Spanish
    • AP German  (Online Only)

  • Other Resources

    French Testing Resources

AP Leadership Team Members

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