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Mission Statement, Services Provided, & Contact Information

  • The mission of the student services office is to provide a comprehensive program to assist all students academically, personally/socially, and in making career decisions. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts with school personnel, parents, and community members. Students will learn and apply the skills necessary to help them reach their full potential as effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.

    The School District of Marshfield Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides a framework to service all students in the personal/social, academic and career domains.
    This program is driven by four key components including:

    • Counseling Curriculum: content delivered to all students through classroom activities, interdisciplinary curriculum development, group activities, parent/student workshops
    • Individual Planning: assist students in academic and career planning, decision making, and goal setting
    • Responsive Services: prevention and intervention, screening, consultation, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling, referrals
    • System Support: program delivery and support, professional development and collaboration
  • Counseling Department 
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  • Request a Transcript

    Current Students - Official Electronic Transcripts

    Current Marshfield High School students use Xello to send transcripts electronically. Most universities, technical colleges and employers require an official transcript. To request an electronic transcript, please log into your Xello account. Instructions are here: Xello Transcript Instructions. There is no cost to send a transcript through Xello. (Click on the icon below to go to the Xello icon to log in.) A transcript release form must accompany a request for a transcript. The form is located here: Transcript Release Form. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the person who requests the transcript is under 18.

    *A transcript request is a two-step process. The first step is filling out the release and returning it to the counseling office. If emailing, please email to Mrs. Burkhart, Registrar. Her email is Then, the student must make the request in Xello. Once these two steps are completed, Mrs. Burkhart will release the transcript in Xello and the school will have immediate access to it.


     xello link


    Alumni - Official Electronic Transcripts

    Options to request a transcript after you graduate:

    1. Xello - If you add a personal email to your Xello account prior to graduation, you can use that email to request your official transcript to be sent for free. Unofficial transcripts cannot be requested through Xello.

    2. Parchment -  Request your official transcript to be sent from Marshfield High School to the college or university where you are applying. Cost to send a transcript through Parchment is $6.60. You can also request an unofficial transcript for personal use for free. (Click on the icon below to go to the Parchment icon to register or log in.)

     parchment link  

    Official Transcripts - Paper

    A paper transcript can be requested through the counseling office. The charge for an official paper transcript is $7. A transcript release form must accompany a request for a transcript. The form is located here: Transcript Release Form. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the person who requests the transcript is under 18.


    Unofficial Transcripts

    An unofficial transcript does not have the school seal. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript. A transcript release form must accompany a request for a transcript if the request goes through the counseling office. The form is located here: Transcript Release Form. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the person who requests the transcript is under 18.


    Fee Exceptions

    Current students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch should see their counselor before requesting a transcript through Parchment. Up to four free transcripts can be requested.
    Students requesting an official transcript for a scholarship will not be charged a fee.


    Alumni who graduated prior to 1995

    Alumni who graduated prior to 1995 cannot use Parchment to request their transcript. All requests for both official and unofficial transcripts prior to 1995 will need to go through the registrar. A Transcript Release Form will also need to be completed and sent in with a $7 official transcript fee (make checks payable to Unified School District of Marshfield). The registrar will mail the official transcript to the location stated on the release. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript, but the release form must still be completed. 

  • Scholarship Information

    Scholarships are available to students at MHS at the local, regional, and national level. Money is generally awarded on the basis of academic achievement, other achievements within school or outside of school, or by special circumstances. Financial need is sometimes a consideration.

    For questions regarding scholarships, please contact Krystal Salzmann, School Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator at or (715) 387-4332 x 3 

    *Many local scholarship applications are in Google Doc format. Students must be logged in with their school Google Account to access them.

    We encourage all students and families to apply for financial aid through the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid). Many scholarships rely on the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) number to determine financial need, and will ask for that information on their applications. If you have any questions about FAFSA as it relates to scholarships, please contact Mrs. Salzmann.

    Local, State and National Scholarships

    Kids' Chance of WI Scholarship - For a student who had a parent with a work related serious injury or fatality. $500-$5,000 (posted 11/13/20)

    Department of Children & Families Youth Out-of-Home Care Scholarship - For a student who has been in foster care and is pursuing a degree, license or certificate program. no due date $5,000 (updated fall 2020)

    The College Board Opportunity Scholarships - For current juniors who are pursuing post-secondary education. multiple award amounts (posted 12/18/18)


    Marshfield Area Community Foundation
    Excellent local scholarship opportunities are found here:




    National Scholarships
    There are a few good Internet search engines available for students to use to locate relevant scholarships. Google is always your friend, but below are some of the more popular scholarship searches. Remember! It should never cost you money to get free money. If you find a page that seems fishy, consult your counselor.

    Chegg -
    Fast Web -
    SallieMae - -
    Cappex -
    Student Scholarships -
    BrokeScholar -
    College Xpress -

  • Resource Links

  • Financial Aid Information

    If video is unable to load, CLICK HERE to view

    FAFSA Estimator - Free resource to calculate an estimate of what you may receive on the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid)

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