• Lunch:
    Elementary $3.00
    Middle School $3.10
    High School $3.30
    Second Entrees: $2.25
    Adult/Seconds: $4.75
    Milk: $0.50

  • Breakfast:
    Elementary $1.75
    Middle School/High School $2.00
    Adult/Seconds: $2.75
    Milk: $0.50

Ala Carte

  • The High School ala carte will be open during lunch periods only, but bottled beverages will be available for purchase before school.  The Middle School ala carte will be offered during all lunch periods only. We ask that all students deposit their money into their lunch account.  Those students with a positive lunch account balance will be able to purchase ala carte, extra milks and second entrees.  

NSF Checks

  • All returned checks for non-sufficient funds will be charged a fee of $20.00.