Farm to School

  • 2021-2022 Harvest of the Month 

    SEPTEMBER- Fresh Sliced Cucumbers
    Product of Cattails Organics - Athens, WI

    OCTOBER- Fresh Whole Apples
    Product of Rock Ridge Orchard - Edgar, WI

    NOVEMBER- Raw Rutabaga Salad
    Product of Cattails Organics - Athens, WI

    DECEMBER- Fresh Basil (added to cheese pizza)
    Product of Marshfield High School's Ag class 

    JANUARY- Hydroponically grown Lettuce
    Product of ColdSnap Lettuce - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

    FEBRUARY- Dried Cranberries
    Product of Ocean Spray Cranberries - Babcock, WI

    MARCH- Nasonville Cheese
    Product of Nasonville Dairy - Marshfield, WI

    APRIL- Maple Syrup
    Product of The Maple Dude - Granton, WI

    MAY- Hewitt Meat Hot Dogs
    Product of Hewitt Meat Processing - Marshfield, WI


    Items we have featured in the past our Farm to School Program:

    • Maple Syrup - from The Maple Dude (Granton)
    • Nasonville Cheese—from Nasonville Dairy (Marshfield)
    • Apples—from Rock Ridge Orchard (Edgar)
    • Hot Dogs—from Hewitt Meat Processing (Marshfield)
    • Milk—Dean Foods (milk from Wisconsin)
    • Butter/Cheese—Dean Foods (made from Wisconsin milk)
    • Lettuce—ColdSnap Aquaponics (Wisconsin Rapids)
    • Potatoes—grown in Wisconsin
    • Dried Cranberries - Ocean Spray (Wisconsin)
    • Mushrooms - grown in Wisconsin
    • Blueberries - Highland Valley Farm (Bayfield, WI) 
    • Dried Legumes - grown in Wisconsin 
    • Onions - grown in Wisconsin
    • Peppers - grown in Wisconsin



    Washington Elementary

      Great Lakes Apple Crunch:

    Local apples purchased from Rock Ridge Orchard in Edgar, WI.

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