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  • iPad Overview-Know Your Device

  • iPad Setup Directions

    iPad Setup

    Let's get started!

    • Turn on iPad > Push home button > Select Language & United States

    Set Up

    • Tap "Set Up Manually"
    • Select Wi-Fi Network & Sign in
    • Tap Join
    • Tap Trust

    If you are using home or public Wi-Fi, you will need those credentials to sign in. Sign in to the SDOM Wi-Fi network with your district credentials if you are at school.

    Remote Management

    • Remote Management Screen
    • Tap Next
    • Sign in with district credentials (Use your full email address)
    • Tap Next 

    Create Passcode

    • Tap Passcode Options
    • Staff can choose to do a 6 or 4 digit code,
    • Student must Tap 4-digit numeric code
      Enter lunch #, Twice

    Location Services

    • Tap Enable Location Services


    • Selected Preferred Appearance
    • Continue

    Apps will automatically download. Staff have access to hundreds of district approved free apps though the District's own “app store” called Self-Service. The app store will also be downloaded. You may download apps from there. You can create a district Apple ID

    iPad Setup Vimeo video

  • iPad Reset Directions

    iPad Reset

    iPad Directions: Resetting iPad


    • Save any photos, videos, notes, typed work, ect. that you would like to keep to a cloud-based service such as Google Photos, Google Docs, or OneDrive 

    Sign out of iCloud 

    • Go to: Settings
    • Tap on your name/image
    • Tap "Sign Out" 

    Reset iPad

    • Go to: Settings
    • General
    • "Transfer or Reset iPad:"
    • "Erase All Content and Settings"
    • Tap "Continue"
    • Enter your Passcode
    • Tap "Erase iPad"

    You are done! 

    iPad Reset Vimeo Video

  • iPad Troubleshooting

    iPad App Troubleshooting

    General Troubleshooting

    App not working right?

    • Check for an update!
      • Settings
      • General
      • Software update-if there is an update download and install it
    • Make sure location services are enabled.
      • Settings
      • Privacy
      • Location Services-should be set to “On”
    • Make sure you are logged into Office 365.
      • Close out of all apps
      • Go to Marshfieldschools.org in Safari web browser
      • Click My Apps
      • Log in
      • Go back to Application and try again
    • Do a hard reset on the device.
      • Hold down the top power button along with the home button until the Apple logo appears on your screen, then let go of both buttons.
        • This will fully restart your iPad.
      • Try closing the app ALL THE WAY, then reopening it
      • Close out other background apps, these sometimes interfere
      • Is an online version of the app? Try to use it online to see if it is working there
      • Check https://downdetector.com (Links to an external site.) to see if it is a larger issue
      • Make sure you are on the correct Wi-Fi, being connect to the guest network may cause issues with applications
      • Erase all Content and Settings
        • The final step should only be performed if all else fails. Beware that this will remove everything from your iPad, and you will have to start fresh. Be sure to back anything up to a cloud location such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive before doing this.

    Internet Doesn’t seem to be working?

    • Check to see if you are connected to a network
      • Settings
      • Wi-Fi-in district should be connected to “SDOM”
        • connecting to other networks, such as SDOM-Guest may cause issues with Apps
      • Reset your Network Settings
        • General
        • Transfer or Reset iPad
        • Reset
        • Reset Network Settings
        • Enter your passcode
        • Click Reset
        • The apple logo will appear along with a loading bar
          • The screen may go black for a few seconds then show the apple logo for a second time.
        • Make sure the following are turned off
          • Prevent Cross site Tracking
          • Block All Cookies
          • Block Pop Ups

  • Technology Cleaning

    Technology Cleaning

    If you are wondering how to clean your student’s iPad, case, laptop, or other personal device at home to prevent the spread of viruses, such as the COVID-19 virus consider the following tips below:


    • Do use only a soft, lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth material).
    • Do unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables before cleaning.
    • Apple recommends using a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on their products. These items can also be used to clean the display, keyboards, or other exterior surfaces


    • Don't Use abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items
    • Don't excessively wipe, which could cause damage to iPad and/or case.
    • Don’t let moisture get into any open spots on the iPad (ex. headphone jack, charging port, etc.)
    • Don’t use aerosol sprays (ex. Lysol), bleach, or abrasives on any device.
    • Don’t spray cleaners directly onto the iPad and/or case –spray on cloth first then wipe on device.
    • Don’t submerge your iPad in any cleaning agents.
    • Do not use bleach on any device. Do not use cleaning agents or bleach on fabric or leather surfaces such as your iPad case.


  • Outlook Email Setup


    The District uses Microsoft Outlook for email.

    To access your email though the app follow the setup below.

    You can also check your email on the web. Web Outlook E-mail: Go to www.marshfieldschools.org > Go to My Apps > Click Outlook

    iPad Outlook App:

    • Find and tap the Outlook App
    • Verify your email address displays, tap "Add Account"
    • Open the "Microsoft Authenticator" App
    • Enter your Password
    • You are now logged into email! 

  • Setup FaceTime

    Setup FaceTime

    • Tap the Facetime App
    • Tap Continue to the "Center Stage" pop up
    • Sign in with your district email
      • Students use: @my.marshfieldschools.org
      • Staff use: @marshfieldschools.org
    • Tap Sign In
    • Tap Continue to the Popup redirecting to Microsoft Office
    • enter your district password 
    • Tap "Sign in"
    • Go through Microsoft Authenticator steps if prompted

    To Make a Call

    • Tap "New FaceTime"
    • Enter in email address or phone number of the person you are trying to contact
      • To contact another student or teacher on Facetime, you must use their district email address
      • You can call other apple devices using phone numbers while connected to Wi-Fi
    • Tap the "Facetime" button at the bottom of the New Facetime to video call or click the phone icon to make an audio call

  • Teams: How to Login and Join Teams Meeting

  • How to Find Student District Credentials

    How to Find Student District Credentials: Username & Password

    To Find Username/Email

    • Login to Skyward Family Access
    • On the left click "Student Info"
      • Students email is located to the right on their picture
      • The students username is the first part of the email before the @ symbol. Example below:

    To Find Password

    • In Skyward Family Access, click on Food Service
    • Locate your students "key pad number"
      • Passwords are Mfld[key pad #] (Ex. Mfld9999)

    Find Credentials Video

  • Hotspot Information

    1. Turn on the Device

    • Push and hold the Power Button until you see “Welcome” displayed on the screen, then release the power button
    • The power button is located on the front of the device.

    2. Connect iPad to Hotspot Wi-Fi

    • On the ipad: Settings > Wi-Fi > Under Networks Tap "MarshfieldSD-Hotspot" > Enter password "speedlimitnumbertime" > tap Join

    Connect to Hotspot Video in Vimeo

  • LMC Home Learning & Activites

    LMC Learning & Activities