Open Enrollment Information

  • The 2022-2023 regular open enrollment application period is February 7 - April 29. The open enrollment application will be available at and must be submitted during that time. No paper applications will be available. This website also answers many questions.  Early or late applications cannot be accepted.  A computer is available in all school libraries and the Board of Education Office for your use.

    If your child currently attends a public school or 4K daycare site in Marshfield, registration information will be sent home by the school or site. If your child is entering school or is new to a Marshfield elementary school, please complete registration online through Skyward Family Access by February 11th.

    For all new students in grades 7-8, please contact the Middle School Counseling Office to speak with Ms. Kolstad, 715-387-1249.  For all students entering grades 9-12, please contact the appropriate counselor to set up an individual conference. Your counselor is determined by the student’s last name; A-Ge is Ms. Guldan, Gf-L is Ms. Salzmann, M-Ra is Ms. Loll, and Rb-Z is Ms. Carlson.  You can reach them at the Marshfield High School Counselor's Office at 715-387-4332. 

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Anne or Tacey at 387-1101, ext. 1109.

    Important Date for new students entering 9-12:

    Marshfield High School is planning registration for the 2022-2023 school year. All students currently attending private schools, homeschool or seeking open enrollment are invited to attend our annual registration virtual meeting on Tuesday, February 15th. This meeting will occur from 5-6 pm via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to have the link emailed to you, please fill out this brief Google Form.

    The link for the meeting on February 15th is also located here: Virtual Registration Meeting for 22-23 School Year.

    If you are unable to attend the virtual registration meeting and have questions about registration, please contact Renee Burkhart, Registrar, in the counseling office. 715-387-4332 x 1.

    Registration information and updates will be posted on the High School website as it becomes available.


Alternative Open Enrollment Application

  • An alternative application to the open enrollment application period must be submitted during the school year in which the pupil wants to begin attending school in the nonresident school district. If the pupil wishes to begin attending the nonresident district at the beginning of the school term in September, the parent may submit the application as early as July 1st of that year. Depending on the specific reason for the alternative application, the parent may be required to submit the application within a specified time period.

    The alternative application is available soon. The parent must specify at least one of the allowable criteria upon which the request is based and provide an explanation of the circumstances leading to the request. In some cases, the parent may be required to submit additional documents.

    Parents may apply to no more than three different nonresident school districts in a particular school year.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Anne or Tacey at 387-1101, ext. 1109.