• Welcome, teaching and learning

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  • The School District of Marshfield is committed to preparing all students for college and career by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum designed to meet the needs of each and every student in the district. Learning is a collaborative responsibility. Teaching and Learning helps administrators and educators in understanding every student has the right to learn, meaningful learning happens in responsive environments where learners are engaged, students bring strengths and experiences to learning, and purposeful assessment drives instruction and affects learning.

    The department of Teaching and Learning informs the design and implementation of all academic standards. It works within a continuous improvement model to focus on relevant instruction that is student centered and student lead. Teaching and Learning provides professional learning opportunities and specialized training to professional staff who are constantly growing in skill and performance.

    Teaching and Learning promotes Professional Learning Communities. State and local assessments guide instruction and progress toward the academic standards. Educators base important decisions they make on evidence of learning in the classroom and data. This assists us in personalizing instruction to very different learning styles.

    The Department of Teaching and Learning supports students. Curriculum and instruction is meant to be relevant and purposeful to the students we serve. Instruction must be engaging and motivational. Personal connections should be made between the curriculum and instruction to help our students be motivated to learn and feel valued as a member of the group. Goal setting helps students understand what they can do and where they can go. Assessments show growth and achievement. The relationships between the students and the educators are the key success for all.