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2024 Wisconsin School Breakfast Champion Award

Diane Vander Galien from Marshfield High School received the 2024 Wisconsin School Breakfast Champion Award. Diane is one of nine food service staff members in the state of Wisconsin to receive this award!

"Diane is our breakfast prep cook, cook, server, cashier, and clean-up crew at Marshfield High School. She manages it all each and every morning. Regardless of the quantity of meals she is serving, she always makes sure the quality is top notch and that the service is personalized. She is a true breakfast champion because of the variety of foods she offers the students each day and the way she gets to know them personally. She knows which students prefer grape juice or the student that likes a hard-boiled egg each morning and always makes sure to have some set aside if she is running low. She accommodates our special needs students in ways that make breakfast accessible and enjoyable for them. Students thrive off of good routine and Diane has a consistent breakfast line and routine for students in the morning. They follow a point system she created for picking their breakfast items. They know what to expect every morning they come through the line and if they don’t, she happily explains it to them, which is an example of her great customer service. Even when students come late, and she has everything put away, she will always put a breakfast together for the student. Diane serves breakfast each day with a smile and positive attitude. She makes a difference in so many of our students' lives. She is a true breakfast hero, and we are so proud that she is here serving the students of Marshfield day in and day out." ~ Melanie Hanneman, Food Service Director