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  • Address: 425 W. Upham St. Marshfield, WI 54449
    : 715.384.4747

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Grant Important Dates & Upcoming Events

  • December 12: 1:00 1st Grade Winter Concert

    December 12: 2:00 3rd Grade Winter Concert  

    December 14: 1:00 Kindergarten Winter Concert  

    December 14: 2:00 2nd Grade Winter Concert  

    December 23 - Jan 1: Winter Break 

    January 18: End of 2nd Quarter

    January 23: No Students


Grant Elementary Veteran's Day Assembly

  • Principal- Jeff Damrau

    Welcome To Grant Elementary School; where, "We Learn the Way, To Know the Way, To Show the Way." 

    Grant Elementary School is home to 685 wonderful students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  Located on the north side of the great city of Marshfield, Grant Elementary has a rich tradition of academic excellence.  The staff at Grant Elementary are committed to ensuring the success of every child, every day, by cultivating and nurturing a passion for learning.  Students are encouraged to utilize critical thinking skills to creatively problem solve any challenge, while always illustrating proper respect towards others.

    Working together with all of our families, Grant Elementary encourages parents and family members to be involved and to take an active role in our school and in their child(ren)'s education. The teachers and staff look forward to partnering with our parents in teaching and modeling respectful behavior, a strong work ethic, and to instill a love of learning. Our PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) involvement and support of enrichment activities and events in our school is highly beneficial to all students. In order to keep parents better informed of upcoming events and important dates occurring at Grant Elementary, a school newsletter will again this year be published once a month, and is posted on this website (see newsletters). It is our hope that this will assist everyone in keeping better informed of all the wonderful activities planned at Grant Elementary this school year.

    I can think of no greater privilege than to help and support children as they grow and learn about themselves and our world.  Therefore, it is an honor to serve as principal of Grant Elementary School.  Please know that it is my never ending quest to work with the teachers and staff of our school to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  As the Grant Elementary School Motto signifies, our goal is to have every one of our students “Learn the Way, To Know the Way, To Show the Way!” With everyone working together, I am confident this goal can be achieved!  
    Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns that may arise. My door is always open, and I would be happy to meet.

    Jeff Damrau, Principal, Grant Elementary School


    Phone: 715.384.4747
    Email: Click Here

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    Tiffany LenzPrincipal Secretary
    Phone: 715.384.4747 x2600
    Email: Click Here

    Beth KayhartGeneral Secretary
    Phone: 715.384.4747 x 2601
    Email: Click Here

  • Assistant Principal- Jillian Banser


    Here at Grant Elementary, we are committed to providing every student with a high-quality education that takes place in an environment where all students grow and learn. Our school community is strong, and we are dedicated to continuing our legacy of academic success. It is important to us that each student has a positive experience academically, socially, and emotionally.

    As a staff, we understand that cultivating a strong work ethic, promoting creativity and imagination, and teaching positive social skills all contributes to a successful educational experience. We also understand the importance of creating a safe environment where students can know that they are cared for when they are here.

    In addition, we value respectresponsibility, and safety and therefore use Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a foundation to teach our students these prosocial traits and skills. With that, we want all students to know the value of being a positive citizen both in our Grant School community, and within our greater Marshfield community.

    Lastly, both the staff and I know that a strong family and school partnership is essential for the success of each child. We encourage regular communication and involvement in your child’s education. Some of the ways to contribute might include: Reading with your child, volunteering time, or becoming actively involved in our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Everyone has something that they can contribute to our Grant family.

    Thank you for joining us this school year and please stay connected! Our webpage has a wealth of resources, but you are always free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Jillian BanserAssistant Principal

    Jillian Banser

    Phone: 715.384.4747 
    Email: Click Here

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    Tiffany LenzPrincipal Secretary
    Phone: 715.384.4747 x2100
    Email: Click Here

    Beth KayhartGeneral Secretary
    Phone: 715.384.4747 x 2101
    Email: Click Here