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Recommendations only

  • Most courses can be taken in any year with the exception of dual credit (DC) courses. These must be taken in the 11th or 12th grade per agreement with MSTC. Please consult the Course of Study Handbook (online) to verify the pre-requisite for programming courses

Computer Applications* (9-10)

  • Foundations

  • Regulars

  • Honors

Business Pathway Potential Careers

  • Following the Business Path can lead to careers in these Career Clusters: Marketing, Finance, Business Management & Administration. For more information on these Career Clusters go to:


Business Pathway

Information Technology Pathway Potential Careers

Information Technology Pathway

  • Web Design (9-10)

  • Intro to Computer Programming (9-10)

  • AP Computer Science Principles (9-10)

  • Advanced Computer Programming H (10-11)

  • Game Programming H (11-12)

  • AP Computer Science A (1 yr) (11-12)

  • B & IT Capstone (Dual Credit) (12)

  • *Required for Graduation 

    **F= Foundations Credit, R = Regular Credit, H= Honors Credit, AP/DC = Post-Secondary Credit