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Parent Notice Regarding Immunization Requirements

Dear parents,

The School District of Marshfield is no longer able to use RECIN (Regional Early Childhood Immunization Network) to manage and report required information on student immunizations.  We are now utilizing WIR (Wisconsin Immunization Network) for this mandated process.  As a result of this transition, you may receive a legal notice letter if your child does not meet the required immunizations for their grade level at school.  See chart below.

Immunization Requirements

If you are choosing to claim a waiver, it is necessary to complete the waiver information even if you have claimed a waiver in the past.  The waiver options are provided along with the legal notice.  Please write the specific immunizations waived, if choosing this option, as it is data required in our reports to the Wood County Health Dept.

Please contact your child’s physician to obtain immunizations needed. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Judy Akin, RN and Tammy Voss, RN

District Nurses