Advanced Standing and Transcripted Credit

  • Articulation refers to aligning high school and post-secondary curricula to create sequences of courses offering skill attainment with unnecessary duplication. Articulation focuses on providing opportunities for high school students to take college level course work in order to get a head start on earning college credits while continuing to fulfill high school graduation requirements. There are two types of articulation – advanced standing and transcripted credit.

    Advanced standing (AS) and transcripted credit (TC) is a way to use your high school classes to save time, money, and get ahead on your college education.

    You can earn AS credit by enrollment in approved courses, demonstrating competencies on a MSTC certificate, and earning a grade of “A” or “B”. Credits are awarded; however, technical college grades are not given for these courses. Advanced standing is accepted as credit toward completion of a comparable course(s) at all other technical colleges. To have advanced standing credits placed on a MSTC transcript, students must take a subsequent course on campus at MSTC.

    Current MHS AS Courses:

    • English III
    • Plant and Soil Science
    • Technical Math
    • Written Communication 

    You can earn TC by enrollment in approved courses and demonstrating knowledge and skills using the accelerated grading scale (80% = C average). A letter grade is posted on an official Mid-State Technical College or North Central Technical College transcript (depending on course Marshfield has an agreement with) and counted towards MSTC or NTC’s grade point average and are transferrable to other technical colleges who have the same program. 

    Current MHS TC Courses:

    • Accounting
    • Business Core
    • Careers with Kids
    • Computer Hardware Systems
    • Construction II
    • Construction Capstone
    • Electricity & Electronics
    • Foresty AND Wildlife Management
    • Introduction to Horticulture
    • Medical Terminology Honors
    • Metal Tech I
    • Metal Tech II
    • Metal Tech Capstone
    • Parents and Children

    Articulation agreements are subject to change, so please see your school counselor or Mrs. Fredrick, Career and Technical Education Coordinator, to verify current agreements.