Education Foundation

  • Marshfield Area Community Foundation On Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the Board of Education approved a Marshfield Education Foundation Field of Interest Agreement with the Marshfield Area Community Foundation. The purpose of the Education Foundation is to allow donors to designate funds for items that are not traditionally supported by the operational budget. This fund will promote and foster other types of educational endeavors in alignment with the District’s overall goals mission, and objectives. By donating through the Marshfield Area Community Foundation and not directly to the School District, donors are eligible for specific tax benefits.

    An oversight committee comprised of the Superintendent, Business Director, officer of the school board and a community member at-large will periodically review donations received to determine whether a contribution being offered is with the guidelines established. The guidelines support funding to meet one or more of the following objectives: innovation in the classroom, strategies that support best instructional practices, support for auxiliary education services, student financial support, professional leadership and recognition, academic enrichment, specific program support or facility support.

Prohibitions and Disclaimer

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