• Welcome to the Eureka Math Parent Resource Page:

    Eureka Math is a resource created by Great Minds, a nonprofit that brought together teachers and experts to craft a program based on the world's most successful math programs.  Eureka was built around the core principal that students need to know more than just what works when solving a problem-they need to understand why it works.

    The curriculum goes beyond facts and formulas, teaching students to think about math conceptually.  This helps students become not merely literate, but fluent in mathematics.

    Your involvement in your child's education can have a significant impact on his or her success in school, that's why we have included Parent Tip Sheets that explain math strategies and models, provide key vocabulary, sample problems and links to useful videos.

    To access tip sheets: Click on the Grade Level, Module and Topic for helpful tips on Key Concepts, Sample Problems and how you can help at home.