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  • Principles to keep in mind when working with young people:
    Remember-- "aim low, go slow, think small and celebrate success"
    Teach cognitive slogans...."first things first"  "one day at a time"  "easy does it"
    Be the holder of a sense of hope.
    Celebrate small successes.
    Take the lead and persist even when the student appears disinterested. 
    Softly challenge inappropriate behavior and negative attitudes.
    Focus on the young person's strengths.  Be a partner with your young person's family. 
    Help them take a personal look at their behavior as it affects others.
    Remember as a mentor-- you are not responsible for others, you cannot control another person's behaviors, feelings, or decisions.
    You are your student's connector.  You connect to this student through unconditional acceptance.  There are no strings attached.
    You are another positive role model who works together with parents/guardians, teachers, resource counselors, and the Pathway Partners director in the best interest of your student mentee.

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