Informational Interviewing (Short-term Mentoring)

  • An informational interview is an interview that the student initiates – he or she be in charge of creating and asking the questions.  The community professional, or informational interview mentor, will provide insights to the job, career, and industry through answering questions.  The purpose is to obtain information, which allows students the opportunity to still learn about what to expect or what steps to take in order to prepare to enter the field they are interested in.  It is one of the best sources for gathering information about what’s happening in an occupation or an industry, and to talk to people working in the field.  The information gathered by students throughout the informational interview will allow them to put the career of interest into context and help them determine if they want to focus their time, energy and money into that as a career. 

    Informational Interviewing can be utilized when job shadowing is restricted for circumstances relating to confidentiality, safety or some other reason.  Informational Interviewing can provide many of the same benefits of job shadowing including:

    • giving students a meaningful introduction into the world of work,
    • providing students with a guide (community professional) who can teach them about what it takes to succeed in various industries and careers,
    • learning about the the varied aspects of the job of interest, and the skills which are required to be successfully employed in such a career.

    Some other great reasons for students to conduct an Informational Interview:

    • to explore careers and clarify your career goals,
    • to identity your professional strengths and weaknesses,
    • to build the most up-to-date career information,
    • to expand your professional network,
    • to discover employment/intern/volunteer opportunities that are not advertised.

    Students, now is the time to explore, and explore a lot, so that after high school you are prepared to make the right choice for yourself.

  • Informational Interview Mentors

    Aid in:

    • an opportunity for students to experience “real life” work in a career field
    • an opportunity for students to see a relationship between their educational experience and career choice
    • motivating students to expand and meet their educational career goals
    • well prepared and motivated future employees

    Informational Interviewing offers the opportunity to build positive relations between students and community businesses.

  • Students

    Additional benefits include:

    Informational Interviewing through Pathway Partners is open to all students, to get started complete the application below

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