Ad Hoc Committee

  • On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, the Board of Education approved an Ad Hoc Committee to listen, ask questions, discuss, review and provide input on the Athletic Feasibility Study. (This Committee reported to the Facilities Committee and meetings followed public meeting notifications and policies).

    Members of the Ad Hoc Committee toured the District's athletic facilities to conduct an assessment of the current facilities on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Members also had the opportunity to tour other sites around the state as part of the study. 

    Below are photos from each tour.

Ad Hoc Members

  • Daniel Akin, Jason Angell, Nathan DeLany, Ed Englehart, Terry Frankland, Randell Kruger, Amber Leifheit, Becky Linzmeier, Pete Mancl, Pat Saucerman, Ron Sturomski, Mike Trudeau and Dee Wells.

    • Field House is a great multi-purpose facility
    • Field House has not had issues with capacity limits
    • Limited deck space in swimming pool
    • Limited seating for swimming meets
    • Increased use in weight room (ex: more female athletes utilizing weight room)
    • Limited storage space