Breakfast & Lunch Menus

  • Menu Changes (due to school cancellation on 2/7/19 and 2/12/19):

    High School and Elementary Menu
     Wednesday (13th): Cheese Omelet with Ham 
    High School's 2nd Line: Chicken Fajita
     Thursday (14th): Heart Shaped Nuggets
    High School's 2nd Line: Beef Nachos
     Friday (15th): Popcorn Chicken 
    High School's 2nd Line: Pizza Calzone

    Elementary Breakfast Menu
    Wednesday (13th):
     Zucchini Bread Slice  
    Thursday (14th)
    Hot Fruit Strudel

    Middle School Menu
    Wednesday (13th): Pizza Hut!!
    Friday (15th): same menu except 2nd line will be Hot Cheesy Sticks (not French Bread Pizza) 
    Thursday (21st): 2nd line will be changed from Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza to Calzones