• The intention of the Academy is to expose students to all aspects of the human services industry from entry level to post graduate careers. Participants will have three choices upon graduation:

    • Pursuit of four year college/graduate school degree in human services
    • Pursuit of diploma or associate degree from a technical college
    • Immediate employment

    The rigor and breadth of the curriculum will prepare students to pursue careers in these related areas:

    • Psychology
    • Social Work
    • Family or School Counseling
    • Education/Early Childhood
    • Special needs
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Geriatrics


  • Kacie (HSA Student) - My most memorable moment at Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center was when I got to work with the kids and do projects with them at Companion Day Services. I learned so much about their development and how people of different ages interact. I really loved working with them. They are cute and fun! 

    Amelia, Kelly, and Jasmine (HSA Students) - Our most memorable moment at Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center was when we walked across the hall to the 3 year old room for a child development project and as soon as we sat down behind the kids, they lost focus on their teacher, who was reading the story. We thought it was amusing to see how excited they were to have visitors. We brought in a camera to document our time in the room, immediately after, we took the first picture, every child yelled, "Take a picture of me!"

    Samantha (HSA Student) - It's hard to say what my most memorable moment was. I can't pick just one! During the semester, we covered so much information. I did enjoy the Thanksgiving activity we did with the children and grandfriends. We made turkey hands out of construction paper. While we were making them with the children and grandfriends, Roger had his small candy dish beside his chair and was sharing candy with the children. Once he saw what they had made, he gave them a piece of candy. One little boy, who had already gotten his piece of candy, continuously went back to get another piece. It was funny because Roger continued to give him the candy, until the teacher noticed what he was doing! It was really nice of Roger to offer the candy and even offered it to the teenagers. I definitely won't forget the kindness and the bond the kids and their grandfriends share!

    Sara (Child Care Teacher) - My memorable moment at Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center was when I had a group of children from a local school visit Tiny Tiger. The children hesitated at the doorway when faced with one of the CDS participants who was in a wheelchair. One of the HSA students saw what was happening and immediately stepped in to take the participants hand and say to the visiting children, "It's okay, he's my friend."