Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Academy is to create a lasting bond between generations while providing an education to our youth in a quality intergenerational learning environment. 

    Imagine a place where high school students come together, interacting, exploring, and building meaningful relationships with infants to octogenarians. That place is the Marshfield Human Services Academy.

    The objectives of HSA are to:
    1. Prepare students for careers such as Psychology, Social Work, Family or School Counseling, Education/Early Childhood, Special Needs, Vocational Rehabilitation and Geriatrics. 
    2. Apply knowledge gained from core MHS courses while allowing students to explore career options that serve people.
    3. Serve the community by providing skilled workers who demonstrate honesty, respect, responsibility and teamwork. 

    The HSA is a unique public/private partnership designed to enhance the lives of Marshfield residents. Education is a shared responsibility among students, teachers, parents, children and CDS participants. Partnerships have been created with individuals and agencies in our community using the talents, resources and expertise of many to create rigorous and relevant learning experiences for our students.

Course Summary

  • HSA students enroll in the following courses:

    Caregiving and Community: Create a caring school, community and society for youth, special needs people and senior adults. Construct community projects for others while learning the meaning of “giving” and “caring”

    Connecting Generations: Gail knowledge and skills necessary to work with people from one to 101 years old.

    Career Pathways: Practice “soft” skills such as honesty, respect and responsibility. Interact with post-secondary educators and professions while investigating sixteen career clusters.

    Careers with Kids: Gail knowledge of child development while implementing activities with children in the Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center. Earn the Wisconsin Assistant Child Care Teacher license.