• The Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center is a shared site with three interactive but independent non-profits under one roof.

    The Human Services Academy staffing, technology support, supplies and textbooks are funded by the School District of Marshfield.

    Monthly rent is being paid to Child Care Center’s of Marshfield by CDS and HSA Board of Directors for their space in the Center. Fees from participants fund the operational costs of the Child Care Center and Companion Day Services so they are self-sustaining.

    Rent for the HSA classroom in the Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center is paid through an Endowment Fund at the Marshfield Area Community Foundation. Tiny Tiger Leadership Team members and students facilitate fundraising efforts such as the Children’s Festival, Italian Buffet and Eagle’s Breakfast to grow the Human Services Academy Endowment Fund to allow payment for the classroom rent without supplemental funding. Education for students in the Academy is free and open to neighboring schools. In order to be able to continue to offer these tremendous opportunity’s to our students, your contributions are welcome.

    To Donate Please visit the Marshfield Area Community Foundation's website