Summer School 2020


    • Summer school classes begin June 15th and conclude July 24th, 2020. Period 1 runs from 7:30-9:45, Period 2 runs from 9:50-12:05  Classes meet for 2.25 hours.  The student’s grade level in the fall of 2020 applies to summer school enrollment.  
    • Please take a moment to look at our Course Offerings below to see courses offered, as well as dates and times.  We offer a 1 & 3 week course at the high school, a 1 week, 2 week & 6 week course offered at the middle school.
    1. Registration begins at 6:00 am on April 20 and ends on April 30 at 11:59 pm (Instruction video is shown below.)
    1. Log into your Skyward Student Access account.  All middle schoolers did this to register for their fall classes.   

    2. On the left side under the Arena Scheduling tab click 2020-21.

    3. It displays all courses available. To see what’s available for a specific period, click the down arrow under Period and click Apply Filter. It will then only show you classes for that period. NOTE: If a class is full the *Indicator column will have a F in it and you won’t be able to add the class. 

    4. When you are ready to choose your class(es) you can do it from here or change back to select search by period and change to period 1 and click search. You will now see all of the classes offered period 1.Click Add next to the course you want and under the fit column, it will now be listed as ENR. If you chose the wrong class, click remove in the options column and choose again. Now use the drop box and change to period 2 and click search and choose your second class if you want.
    5. Now click the blue Submit Classes tab. You can print the courses you requested. To finish summer school course enrollment you MUST click the Submit Schedule button. Once this is done you will no longer be able to change your courses requests unless you come to the office and see Mrs. Krogman  or email

    6. You should now be able to see your summer school schedule on the schedule tab.

    Class rosters will not be printed out.  Students will register for a course and session with corresponding classroom.  Upon successful completion of your registration, you will be officially enrolled in the course and session you requested along with the classroom number.  To confirm successful registration, check the “Future Schedule” tab within your Student Access Account.