AP Exam Schedule Information

  •  The 2021 AP Exam Schedule can be found by clicking on the schedule link here.


    The deadline for any new request of AP digital exams has closed. 


AP Exam Scores

  • AP scores are no longer automatically mailed to students. Students need to create a College Board account at https://apstudent.collegeboard.org.  You will need to know your AP number or high school ID number to access your scores.  If you already have a College Board account, you can sign in at this website as well. Marshfield HS students are encouraged to create an account by the end of April. An AP score report should include all the scores a student has taken during their high school career. If any scores are not on the report, there is a problem with the student’s account and the student will need to contact the College Board at (888) 225-5427 to inform them that scores are missing. Students will be asked to provide their AP number.  If you don't know your AP number you may be able to access your scores by using your Marshfield High School ID number.  It is very important that you send an official score report to the college where you plan to attend so that the college can evaluate for credit transferability. Also, UW Help has a resource that allows you to review the AP credit granting policy of every college in the UW System.


    AP Scores Tutorial Video: watch this youtube video from College Board


    Want to know what date you can see your AP scores or how AP exams are scored?  Click here for more information from College Board.