Community Involvement

  • Marshfield School District

    Marshfield School District offers an alternative vocational training program for students/adults with disabilities. Students must be able to take direction and display appropriate work place behavior in hygiene, communication, and employability skills to be successful. Interested students/adults need to complete the Project SEARCH application and interview process to be considered a candidate. Contact: Anne Dick, Project SEARCH Instructor 715-305-3188 or

    Ascension | Ministry Health Care

    The hospital provides an on-site classroom for Project SEARCH. They also provide an opportunity to receive three unpaid internships for learning employability skills. Internships offer marketable and competitive skills training that are transferrable to a variety of community employers.

    Opportunity Development Center

    Opportunity Development Center, Inc. (ODC) provides job coaching services to the students/adults during their internships in Project SEARCH. The job trainers offer support while teaching independent job-related skills.  
    Contact: Mary Blanchard, Resource Job Developer 715-387-4682 or or

    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

    DVR provides employment services and counseling to people with disabilities. To be accepted into Project SEARCH, students/adults need to be eligible and enrolled in DVR. Students/adults should apply to DVR after they turn 17.6 years of age.
    DVR Application: call 1-800-228-1903 or on-line at 

    Long-term Funding Provider

    The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) will discuss your individual situation with you and provide you with information and assistance to meet your needs including assistance with the application process for Adult Social Security Benefits and Long-term Care options counseling. Local and surrounding long-term funding providers include: Community Care Connections of Wisconsin, IRIS, Western Wisconsin Cares and Care Wisconsin. ADRC Application: 1-888-486-9545 

    Comprehensive Community Services

    CCS is a recovery based community program that support individuals with mental health conditions. Students/adults can get connected by calling for a referral.
    Contact: Mental Health Crisis Line 1-715-384-5555 



    Project SEARCH has been fortunate to partner with area business since the program began in 2011. These businesses provide hands-on learning opportunities in a variety of subject areas.

    Ascension | Ministry Health Care

    Bright Horizon's Daycare


    PC Doctors

    ABC Daycare

    Family Video

    Marshfield Utilities

    Forward Financial

    Changes Within

    Animal House Pets

    Biggby Coffee

    Taqueria el Sol

    Thimbleberry Books

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