Digital Time Travel Information


    DIGITAL TIME TRAVELERS is an interdisciplinary experience that integrates the study of both cultural and natural resources. All research is based on the analysis of 18th and 19th century Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nineteen ninty-nine marks the modest beginning of an ambitious project. The sponsors of the Digital Time Travelers Program Ryan Christianson and the North Lakeland Discovery Center hope to partner with other interested people in documenting the unique cultural and natural resources of the north woods while following centuries old canoe routes and portages. We are hopeful that these web pages and experiences will create a broad forum to promote discussion, debate and achieve new levels of understanding regarding the early natural and cultural resources. The final product of Digital Time Travelers will be a web site that will allow users to navigate the north woods with a virtual canoe trip supported with journals, research, images and observations of it's creators. Please feel free to join us.