Registration Information

  • How do I know if I have an AP exam ordered?

    To verify you have an AP exam ordered, log into the student's myap account.  On the home screen you must see the AP Class Title, to the right of the AP Class assignments information you will see Exam Day.  If under Exam Day it shows the exam date followed by "Registered for exam" then you have that AP exam ordered.  See a sample below.  If you don't see the wording "registered for exam" then no AP exam is ordered.

    Verify AP exam order


    How do I cancel an ordered AP Exam?

    A parent will need to email Mrs. Guldan, the AP Coordinator, at  In the email include the student's first and last name and the AP exam name(s) the parent approves to drop.


    AP Exam Registration has closed for the 2021 exam season.