Mission Statement, Services Provided, & Contact Information

  • The mission of the student services office is to provide a comprehensive program to assist all students academically, personally/socially, and in making career decisions. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts with school personnel, parents, and community members. Students will learn and apply the skills necessary to help them reach their full potential as effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.

  • The School District of Marshfield Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides a framework to service all students in the personal/social, academic and career domains.

    This program is driven by four key components including:

    • Counseling Curriculum: content delivered to all students through classroom activities, interdisciplinary curriculum development, group activities, parent/student workshops
    • Individual Planning: assist students in academic and career planning, decision making, and goal setting
    • Responsive Services: prevention and intervention, screening, consultation, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling, referrals
    • System Support: program delivery and support, professional development and collaboration


    *If for whatever reason you would like your student to opt out of receiving any of the above services please contact Mr. Nicksic, MHS Principal, at 715-387-8464.


    Canvas  <-- Click here to visit the Counseling Canvas Page


Counseling Staff

counseling staff
Staff Member Position/Title Phone Email
Renae Guldan School Counselor A-Ge & AP Coordinator 715-387-4332 x 2 guldanr@marshfieldschools.org
Krystal Salzmann School Counselor Gf-L Scholarship Coordinator 715-387-4332 x 3 salzmannk@marshfieldschools.org
Jeanna Carlson School Counselor Rb-Z 715-387-4332 x 5 carlsonj@marshfieldschools.org
Becky Lee School Psychologist 715.387.4332 x 6 lee@marshfieldschools.org
Renee Burkhart Registrar 715-387-4332 burkhartr@marshfieldschools.org
Jane Loll School Counselor M-Ra & District AODA Coordinator 715-387-4332 x 4 lollj@marshfieldschools.org