Pathway Partners Mentoring Program

  • Pathway Partners Mentoring Program operates as a United Way Partner program and serves students at Marshfield High School and Marshfield Alternative High School.   Since 1999, mentors have positively influenced the lives of hundreds of high school students in Marshfield.  Pathway Partners provides three voluntary programs for students who wish to participate — one-on-one mentoring, job shadowing, and informational interviewing.  Pathway Partners is free and open to all students. Pathway Partners Logo The mission of the Pathway Partners Mentoring Program is "to expose high school students to nurturing relationships with caring adults and to the diversity of opportunities and experiences in our community. These experiences, having guided academic and personal development, will enhance students’ life skills and enable them to make successful transitions to post high school education and employment." The purpose of Pathway Partners is to help the students expand their horizons, explore their interests and expose them to a larger world.

  • Adults and students interested in Pathway Partners may click below for more information or to apply to the programs offered.

  •  To get involved or for more information about the Pathway Partners Mentoring Program, contact:
    Ginger Sternweis
    Program Director
    715-387-8464 ext. 4335

    Thank You!
    The Pathway Partners Mentoring Program wishes to thank the following individuals, businesses and organizations for their generous support: Jean and Ken Swenson, Sue and John Twiggs, Bonnie and Tom Umhoefer, Jane and John Wagner, the Bonnie Jean Fund for Children, Dr. Lori Bents Chiropractic, ReMax American Dream-Sharon Helwig, Simplicity Credit Union, Trudeau Construction, Marshfield Sunrise Rotary, and Wood County Medical Society.
    United Way Logo

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