Hunting Policy and Procedures

  • Hunting is allowed at the Marshfield School Forest under certain conditions.  The 1998 Firearms Act restricts hunting on School Grounds. (see attachment)  A permit must be obtained to legally hunt at the Forest.

    Hunting seasons include: All legal game from the start of small game season (Early September) through all gun deer seasons ending in mid December.

    Spring Turkey Season (April – May)
    Obtaining a Permit:

    1. Fill out a hunting permit.  (Can be downloaded at this site – or pick one up at the Marshfield Board of Education Office.)

    2. Hand deliver completed permit to Kathy Scheppler at the Board Office or Mark Zee at Marshfield High School.  Please make certain you include your phone number and e-mail address if you have one.  Please do not mail in

    3. When you turn in your permit at the Board Office or High School you will be directed to an on-line calendar indicating when hunting is allowed. 

    4. If the hunting calendar changes, you will be called to inform you of the change.  If you have the internet, you can check the hunting calendar on-line for changes.


    Additional Rules: 

    All hunting ends in December when the last gun deer season is completed.
    RULE OF THUMB -  If the main gate is open – hunting is not allowed at that time!