• Use of School Forest Regulations

    The School Forest's primary use and goal is for environmental education of the students of the School District of Marshfield. Recreational use by the public is encouraged if it does not disrupt the environment and is not in conflict with school use.

    The School Forest facilities will be available for public use between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from November 1 through March 31 and 8:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. from April 1 through October 31. Use by the general public will be prohibited at other hours. ***Exceptions will include groups from the School District of staying overnight, organizations that have rented the facilities, or anyone obtaining special written authorization from school district officials.
    Questions or concerns regarding use shall be directed to the School Forest Coordinator.
    School classes and groups shall have first priority.
    The use of motorized recreational vehicles on the School Forest property is prohibited. Motorized recreational vehicles include four wheelers, utv's, motorcycles, mopeds, and snowmobiles. Bicycles will be allowed on trails that have a granite or hard surface established bike trails. 
    Any exceptions must be authorized, in writing, by school district officials.
    Hunting will not be allowed when school or rental groups are on the property, (See Administrative Rule 832.1 for specific hunting regulations.)
    Swimming and boating at the School Forest pond are prohibited unless the activity is directed by school personnel with a qualified lifeguard present. Rental groups wishing to utilize the pond for swimming and/ or boating must certify, in writing, at the time they rent the facility, that they will provide a certified lifeguard and/ or boating instructor.
    Any trail clearance and/ or modifications are to be approved by the coordinator of the School Forest and the environmental committee.  832-Rule (Con't.)
    Sledding, tubing and snowboarding in the School Forest are prohibited.
    Individuals utilizing the School Forest, including those who have rented the facilities are not allowed to have pets in the lodge.
    Rules and regulations of the School District of Marshfield apply at the School Forest.
    No smoking, use of drugs or alcoholic beverages, vandalism, or disorderly conduct will be permitted.
    Campfires should be restricted to the fire pit by the lodge unless other arrangements are approved by the School Forest Coordinator. During the DNR specified or school authorized fire bans, no burning will be allowed.
    Parking and use of School Forest roads by the public is not permitted unless authorized by school personnel. This is to ensure student safety and guard against the potential of vehicles being locked in.
    Violators of School Forest regulations will be subject to the laws, ordinances, and penalties of the city of Marshfield, county of Wood, and the state of Wisconsin.
    The School Forest Coordinator or any designated individual is the authorized person in charge of enforcing the School Forest policy.

    Approved: June 10, 1992. Reviewed: August 11, 2004 and January 10, 2007.